Monday, April 30, 2012

Shawna's Eulogy


By Shawna Coon Lovato, Kenneth's niece

Dearest Uncle Kenny, yes, I know everyone else calls you Kenneth but I knew you as Kenny, so Uncle Kenny it is. Because you and I were so close in age, my memories may be fading but my times with you stand crystal clear. My first memory was when we had the fire in our house and had to come sleep at grandma's until the damage was taken care of. The first thing I remember Grandma saying when being tucked into the blanket on the couches was: "keep your toes in the covers, because Tessie will bite them" (Tessie, being your dog). When waking up, I was terrified and wouldn't get up because of "Tessie". You came to me with your dog and assured me that my toes would be safe and sound, my hero!

I'm sure in your eyes it was a pain to have to "keep an eye" on a niece seven years younger. But for me as I got older, it was such a treat. I was able to spend time with the guy I adored, my uncle, the cool guy. You told me stories of the neighborhood, some awesome, one pretty gruesome (which to this day I'm not sure was true). You entertained me in so many ways, whether by walking me over to buy penny candy, having a picnic in the front yard or just watching the clouds go by. But one of my most memorable and horrifying times we had was when you gave me a ride on the front handlebars of your bicycle and my heel decided to get tangled up with the spokes of your front tire. The foot missing a good part of my heel. Quite traumatic for a young girl, but you were so worried about me, you stayed right by my side until I was all bandaged and calmed down. As I grew older, I saw less of you but you were always so good to me when were together.

I grew up, married and had a family and you still filled my life full of memories. You would take us down to the basement, your "Art Museum" to show us your latest collection of hand carved items. Talk about details and craftsmanship, they really should have been in a Gallery. And every time we went to visit and you were there, we left with our stomachs and cheeks hurting from laughing from the fun jokes and anecdotes you would tell. You were such a joy to be with. Thank you for being you and sharing your unique and gifted personality with us. I will always love and cherish my memories of you.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this Shawna. It's so great to hear everyone's different perspectives and memories.