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Kenneth was adamant that he did not want funeral services.  There will be no graveside services.  I know there are many that would like to celebrate his life, find closure in his death, and remember him reverently. As a gift to family and friends I offer this site.  Here we will gather stories, and pictures.  We will share our love for him and find a smile once again in our memories.

Kenneth Creg Schwinn of Murray, Utah passed away on Sunday, April 29, 2012.  Kenneth was born on June 25, 1952 as the son of Sherman Howard Schwinn and Barbara Hyde Schwinn.  Born in Salt Lake City, he was the fifth of five children.  He married Carol Dimond on August 28, 1971, (Later divorced). They had one daughter.  Kenneth was a talented artist, working in drawing, painting, sculpting, models and plaster casting.  He was an expert in fiberglass. Kenneth’s love of life and his good natured, humorous disposition endeared him to many people.  His child-like sense of wonder and imagination was infectious. Our loving father, grandfather, brother, uncle, and friend  will be missed and we are grateful for the joy he brought into our lives.  Kenneth is survived by his 4 grandchildren and daughter Sheryl (Ben), his siblings Robert Schwinn (Ann), Betty Walters (Ken), Sharleen Morgan (Bob), and Connie Barney (Lloyd).  He is preceded in death by his parents.  Our family expresses their gratitude to all of those who have supported Kenneth in his lifetime and have provided compassionate service at his passing.  Special thanks to Beverly, Peggy, Stephanie & Dez.  Kenneth has requested no services.  You may view a memorial blog for him at
You can view the actual online obituary here.  He would have loved that they put him born in 1971.

We are gathering pictures and stories of Kenneth.  You may contact me, his daughter Sheryl, at If you comment about a picture please tell us the picture number.  If you'd like to download a picture, left click it to enlarge and right click to "Save Image As..."
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 I know my father loves me.  I thank my Heavenly Father for him.  I see him in my children.  Oh, how precious has been the time I've had with him.  I have been truly blessed. Please send me stories and pictures if you have them.  We love the memories.
Picture 39 My favorite things Kenneth made:
I chose the song "Broken" for this page because at the end of my father's life his body was broken yet he held to joy.  He found delight in God's creations.  One of his favorite things to delight in was autumn leaves dancing in the street to the tune of wind. He always kept a smile for me, regardless of the state of health he was in.  And in that smile he was whole again and not broken.  His niece, Kimberly, chose the song "Time to Move On" because it reminded her of him.  I choose "A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief" because I have never been walking on the streets of Salt Lake City with my father when he didn't pull out his wallet for any needy soul with a hand extended to him, and I have never been to his home when he didn't have a pile of something he wanted to take to somebody as a  gift, either when they were needy or when they needed cheering.

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  2. Just beautiful Sheryl what a wonderful tribute to your Dad. It brought a lump to my throat and a few tears as I think of you today!

  3. Sheryl, I am so sorry to hear about your father. I too, feel a deep sense of loss for you and I hope in some small way I can let you know, my arms are wrapped around you and your family. You have been such a wonderful new friend and mentor to me. This tribute is just beautiful to him and with each word and photograph I know that he is looking down from heaven smiling at his loving daughter. Please let me know if there is anything I can do. Hugs and love, Sue

  4. Sheryl, this is beautiful! What a lovely way to remember your father. You are a sweet and thoughtful daughter and this blog is a treasure! The pictures are precious, and the music is perfect. I hope you are able to feel some peace and comfort since his passing.